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Roof Coating Restoration System: Affordable, Gorgeous and Effective

When it comes to repairing or replacing your roof there are a number of solutions you can choose from that range from basic repairs to complete replacement. But if you’re looking for a great option to bring the luster (and safety) back to your roof, that’s both affordable and eye-catching, then look no further than our roof coating restoration system.

“A Roofing Solution that pays for itself”


Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of this roofing choice:
• Reduces your costs by nearly 50 percent (as opposed to replacement or re-roofing)
• Reduces your monthly energy bill
• Extends the life of your AC unit and components by properly balancing heat and air
• Extends the life of your roof by up to 20 additional years
• Rebates offered with up to 100 percent government tax deduction

Professional Restoration
Instead of completely replacing your roof, we can restore your roof in such a way that it looks as new as the first day it was laid. Not only that, but it will be significantly safer and more functional as our comprehensive roofing system includes advanced flashings and vapor barriers. The best part? You’re paying but a fraction of the cost of doing a full roof replacement.


We approach each roof restoration in the same manner; we sit down with the property owner to determine their specific needs, view the roof in question, find a solution that matches their budget, and then carefully implement a plan of action that fits our team’s capabilities and your busy life. We want to use the highest-quality materials to ensure that your roof looks as good as the original, but keeps the functionality necessary for today’s ever-changing climate.

When you need a top-notch roofing team to take on your job, look no further than Quality Fort Lauderdale Roofing. From roof pitch to size to complexity, we’ll determine what your roof needs while sticking as closely as possible to your budget. Call us today for a FREE consultation and we’ll happily help you find the best options for your roof and your budget.


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